MJN Forensic Accountants offer services in relation to the following types of claims.

  Commercial disputes

  Insurance/reinsurance disputes

  Injury/accident claims

  Contentious valuations

Below are details of the types of services for each type of claim.

Commercial disputes

 Loss of profits

 Consequential loss

 Claims under warranties

 Product liability/product recall

 Increased costs of working

 Infringement of intellectual property rights

 Stock losses

 Shareholder/partnership disputes

Insurance/Re-insurance claims

 Business interruption

 Increased costs of working

 Stock losses

 Product liability/product recall

Accident and injury claims

 Loss of earnings for the self-employed /employed

 Loss of dependency for the self-employed/employed

 Loss of company profits following the provision of negligent advice

 Pension and employment benefit losses

Contentious valuations

Vanessa has prepared numerous reports dealing with the valuation of business or an individual shareholding for disputes arising from the following types of actions. Vanessa has also acted as a shadow expert.

 Matrimonial

 Probate

 Shareholder disagreements

 Agency terminations

 Insolvency


 Calculation of loss of earnings following wrongful imprisonment.

 Calculation of interest on losses as a result of wrongful imprisonment.

 Restating a mortgage account following the bankruptcy of the mortgagee.

 Review of completion accounts for a property development company.

 Calculation of losses following wrongful termination of employment and/or contract.

 Review of bank accounts to determine whether a local authority had paid too much in state housing benefits.


Vanessa has prepared reports for a wide range of business types and industries, below are examples of some of these.

 Building & Construction industry including builders, plumbers, plasterers, tilers and electricians.

 Food industry, including restaurateurs, publicans and fast food take away.

 Beauticians and hairdressers.

 Exhibition/event organiser.

 Service companies.

 Professionals such as accountants, solicitors, teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, pilots, architects, physiotherapists and police.

 Retailers of food, clothing and consumer goods.

 Transport including railway workers, bus drivers, lorry drivers and taxi drivers.

 Printing industry.

 Equestrian centers and equestrian riders.

 Film production company.

 Film special effects provider.

 Leisure industry, including caravan parks, hotel owners and operators and tour operators.

 Property holding companies including property rental, property investment and property development.

 Oil and gas industry

 Estate agents

 Taxi drivers, milkmen, farmers, landscape gardeners and tree surgeons.

For examples of our experience please see Experience